Nigel joined the band late, after it was realized by Maverik that the band needed a guitar player ...
Half black half white, Hot Rod joined the Rockers after almost dying in a horrible skydiving ...

Three minutes after it's release, Coke and Candy Bars was on the top of all major charts, grossing 156 Billion dollars in it's first week Coke and Candy Bars grossed 1.3% of the U.S. gross domestic product for 2004. 52 women in Japan were stampeeded while trying to purchase the album.

Girlfriend of Nigel, Star joined the band after realizing she'd be able to afford her coke addiction...

The Red Hot Rockers world tour started October 22, 2004 and is scheduled to hit 64 countries in 34 days. The tour began in Columbus, Ohio just off campus at a local brothel. The band is scheduled to spend 14 days in the U.S. before touring overseas in various european and african countries. The band would like to note that they will not be playing in France because the country is full of beret wearing pussies. Yeah that's right! We hate you France. Go fuck a cheesewheel!

Opening night in Cambodia of the Coke and Candy Bars tour, Dr. Vodka died and was legally dead for 3 minutes then recesitated back to life to finish his oncore. Even though Cambodia is the bands biggest supporter we all agree it's a pretty shitty country however, any country were you can puke on a chick and still have her blow you is ok with us.

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